it's one thing to find your dream remote job, but it's another thing to actually land it...

What's the point of finding the perfect remote jobs if you do not know how to create a standout resume that will land you the gig? Whether you are a wannabe remote worker or a seasoned online freelancer who needs to spice up your resume. This is the guide for you!

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land your perfect remote gig

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

You've found the perfect job, you know you fit everything that the company is looking for...

But, you have no idea how to express the right expertise in your resume, you begin to question what to highlight and what to leave out...

You go into a spiral and send in a resume that you are not confident wait for days and weeks and hear nothing back...

You write a follow-up email and they respond stating that the job has been filled.

What a bummer!

You don't understand what you did wrong, you have all the skills that they are looking for, yet not even a response or an interview.

I've been there before and know how heartbreaking it feels to lose a dream job.

Good news for you, this can be fixed!

I have created an Ultimate Guide that is ready for release and will help you land that online job!


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The Offbeat Life has done hours of research to help our community find the best remote jobs. But time and time again, I have found that in order to land the perfect online jobs, you must be prepared to show up and stand out from the crowd.

That is why I have created The REMOTE RESUME GUIDE in order to help you become prepared and get that online gig.

In this guide you will learn...

How to target and use the right language that will land you the coveted interview.

How to highlight the perfect skills even if you have no remote work experience.

Resume template that will make you stand out from the crowd.


If you’re a wannabe remote worker or freelancer trying to make money online - this Remote Resume Guide will show you how to perfect your pitch as a job seeker...

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Keywords is #1 because in order to stand out, you must provide specific keywords that aligns with each role.

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Tailoring is #2 because you must be able to tailor your resume to the specific roles that these companies are looking for.

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Follow up is #3 because it is a critical step in your job search!


Get the remote resume guide for just $27 today!

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about debbie

Debbie is the founder of The Offbeat Life a website and podcast that shares resources on how to find remote jobs and live a location independent lifestyle.

She has been featured in Forbes, Refinery29, Healthline, Travel and Leisure and more for her expertise in remote work and podcasting.

Debbie has written and received hundreds of resume's throughout the years both as a prospective employee and as an employer.

She has seen the good, bad and ugly and wants to share her resume guide in order to help others avoid the mistakes many prospective remote workers have made with their resumes.

Because it is one thing to find your dream remote job, and another to actually land it!

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